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Dental lasers could render teeth cavity resistant

The prospect of painless cavity repair and prevention could hold wide appeal for many people.

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Study suggests link between verbal bullying and bruxism in adolescents

A case-control study by a research team led by Prof. Junia Serra-Negra at the Federal University of Minas Gerais suggests that possible sleep bruxism in young teenagers is associated with a history of verbal bullying at school as victims, perpetrators or both.

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Runners more prone to dental problems

Runners are more prone to serious dental problems than the rest of the population. A study of almost 300 athletes at the 2012 Olympics in the British Journal of Sports Medicine reported that a majority displayed “poor oral health”. A fifth of the athletes surveyed indicated that their oral health damaged their training and performance.

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Biting and chewing trigger tooth growth

Research conducted by the University of Sydney, Australia has found chewing and biting to be the cause of adult teeth breaking through the gums rather than an innate, unknown force.

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