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Researchers sequence rare bacterium

Up until now, little was known about the bacterium Streptococcus sobrinus, which can accelerate dental decay. A research team from the University of Illinois has now sequenced the genomes of three strains of S. sobrinus. sobrinus is difficult to work with in the laboratory and is not present in all people, so researchers instead focused […]

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Research links processed starch to dental decay

A recent review has shown that a diet rich in wholegrain carbohydrates is less likely to negatively impact oral health than a diet high in processed carbohydrates.

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Choosing the right toothpaste

Here are ten tips for choosing the right toothpaste for you.

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People with diabetes face a higher risk of mouth cancer, with women far more at risk

New research, published in Diabetologia, discovered that women have a 13% higher chance of developing oral cancer if they suffer from diabetes.

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