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New study looks at factors that influence willingness to attend dental check-ups

Researchers in Japan have found that the patients who are most likely to schedule a dental check-up are those who understand the benefit of check-ups in preventing disease and those who have existing positive oral health behaviours.

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Study establishes patient motivations for seeking clear aligner therapy across five European countries

There is increasing demand for clear aligner therapy (CAT) for mild to moderate malocclusion in adults.

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School dental programme prevents 80% of cavities with one-time, non-invasive treatment

In a study of nearly 3,000 schoolchildren, silver diamine fluoride (SDF) – a liquid that is brushed onto teeth to prevent cavities or keep them from worsening – was as effective against cavities as dental sealants.

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Study examines public perceptions regarding sustainable dentistry

A study from researchers at the University of Sheffield has sought to examine how the general public perceives the push for sustainability within the dental profession .

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