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Study finds stem-cell derived organoids that secrete tooth enamel proteins

Organoids have now been created from stem cells to secrete the proteins that form dental enamel, the substance that protects teeth from damage and decay.

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Teeth could preserve antibodies hundreds of years old

A new study has found that teeth could be capable of preserving antibodies for hundreds of years, allowing scientists to investigate the history of infectious human diseases.

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A simple mouth rinse could spot early heart disease risk

A team of scientists from Canadian universities set out to study young, healthy people without diagnosed periodontal issues to determine whether lower levels of oral inflammation can be clinically relevant to cardiovascular health.

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Dietary restrictions could reduce periodontal disease

Since it has been evidenced that periodontitis results in local and systemic inflammation, researchers have recently examined the effects of dietary restrictions on both treatment response and inflammation in periodontal disease.

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